About Us

Kramar’s Iron & Metal, Inc., established in 1950, has been at the forefront of the Southern California recycling industry for over half a century. As one of the region’s largest, most dynamic, and innovative processors of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, we have dedicated our efforts to providing service with integrity, honesty, and confidence. Serving both the commercial and industrial sectors, our local and domestic outlets have kept us in a position to maintain high levels of competitive pricing. Family owned and operated, we strive to keep our long tradition continuing into the future by combining technology with experience to create faster and more efficient methods of recycling.

Kramar’s Iron & Metal, Inc. has had a lifelong business philosophy that puts the needs of each customer first and responds to each individual’s needs and requirements. Our proximity to large industrial suppliers, deep water ports, and major highways provides us with a competitive advantage. We have the ability to purchase, process, and ship materials all in the same day, which can lower costs and allow for higher pricing for our customers.

Our main focus is to provide the ultimate customer service and support. We will work on an individual basis to help educate and train each customer on how to handle the metals to be recycled and provide the means to achieve that goal. Such means include storage bins of all sizes and types based on each customer’s requirements, waste management services, and on-site support if needed.

As part of our regular services, each facility can be equipped with accurate weighing devices, the necessary segregation equipment, chemistry detector devices, machinery, and much more.